Parapsychology and staying safe in paganism

A thought-provoking piece from The Green Hedge Druid on critical thinking, parapsychology, and Paganism.

The Green Hedge Druid

Trigger warning: discussion of death, dying, and paranormal experiences connected with children.

So I’ve just finished watching an interesting series on Netflix (UK) called ‘Surviving Death’. I put a trigger warning on this post because honestly, as fascinating as the series was, there were definitely some challenging topics and content. So, to set the scene, I wanted to share a short trailer for the show.

I’ve been interested in the paranormal, and more specifically the psychology behind paranormal experiences (otherwise known as parapsychology), for a good few years now. In a nutshell, my personal view is that the human mind can do lots of weird and wonderful things. Some of those things can be spotting patterns and meaning in events that are simply not there but the brain has to still try to make sense of them. Other things are slightly less fixed and that’s where the really interesting stuff…

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  1. I practice by myself or with remote friends who live in other parts of the world for rituals. I am similar in that I am highly suspicious of mediums and also gurus and people purporting to have all the answers. The Netflix series sounds alright I’ll give it a go I think. Thank you for the recommendation 😊

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