Witchtober Day 27 – Potion Bottle

A facinating tale of a piece of found history from The Fen Robin for Witchtober’s Potion Bottle prompt:

The Fen Robin

The concept of a witch stirring her cauldron before pouring a bubbling concoction (often green or some other fantastical colour) into a bottle before adding a stopper is a fairly well established one when imagining up a picture of a typical day in the life of a witch.

And of course, many of the ‘witches’ of old were wise women. The folk who knew herblore and how to combine certain natural resources to create something that could heal, or destroy, depending on what you needed. There’s a lot to be said about the history of medicine and how the local knowledge became outlawed and effectively destroyed by a male dominated Medical Profession. Not only were wise women actively stamped out but their other working knowledge, such as how to help people give birth, was adopted by the medical establishment and to do such work would require certain training and only…

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