Hi, and welcome! My name is River (they/them) and I’m a Hedge Druid, walking a Pagan path somewhere between Druidry and Witchcraft.

I have studied with Druid College UK, and am a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. While my practice is mostly solitary, I also celebrate festivals (and provide tech support) with my local Druid Grove, Corr réisc Grove.

I’m also a librarian and educator, a fan of folklore, heavy metal and sci-fi, and a queer nonbinary trans woman, just starting out on my transition. I spend my free time walking the fens and riverbanks of my local landscape, or else hanging out at home with my partner (who blogs over at The Green Hedge Druid), our two gerbils, a black metal album and a good book.

This blog is my place to think aloud about spirituality, nature, gender, and the liminal spaces between.

If you like tweets about all of the above, follow me on Twitter at @TheRiverCrow.  

For photos of the fens, and lots of pictures of gerbils, follow me on Instagram at @TheRiverCrow.